Browser Question

As many more web browsers are killing Flash and other old style Netscape apps (like Silverlight) I wanted to ask the readers — what browser are you using and why?

MS Edge would be great IF it supported plug-ins.
Chrome seems to be a massive hog on memory plus it doesn’t support silverlight as of the next release (which is needed for OWA).
I’m just not feeling Opera, so that leaves Firefox. It seems to do everything I need.

But I was curious what your thoughts were – maybe I am missing something.

Sports games

It’s that time of year for some football.

I purchased Madden 16 for the PS4 and for some reason Xbox One (whoops, I think that one is going back sealed). I bought the deluxe edition because I do enjoy Ultimate team.

So far I am enjoying it. The first thing I noticed was the attention to detail at Gillette Stadium – the 3rd down foghorn; the musket fire after a TD/FG, the “first down” cheer. So far, so good.

The game itself — not seeing drastic differences in straight up gameplay by the AI — however the user control is somewhat different – for example when passing you can try for an “aggressive” reception to make those hard catches — and I like that.

There’s a lot more isloation on plays to make it feel more like a first person game even though it really is in the third person, if that makes sense. Think of the WWE when someone punches a guy over and over again and the camera zooms in and out. It’s annoying but it says “hey something is happening here.” Right now I’m at take it or leave it.

This year there’s MUT rewards, so if you get a crap load of packs, well you get more packs! LOL.

In other news, I had a chance to try the PES 2016 demo. It is impressive, even if I hate the team selection. I did Bayern Munich vs AS Roma and they did a great job with the details. I am looking forward to playing as Merseyside Red once this game gets released!



PES 2016 demo available today

Just a quick note to let you know that the PES 2016 demo will be available today on PlayStation network and Xbox Live.

You’ll be able to play single matches between Juventus, AS Roma, Bayern Munich, South American clubs Corinthians and Palmeiras, along with the Brazilian and French national teams. 

Again, PES 2015 was my favorite soccer game last year, so I will definitely be giving this a look later tonight. 

PES 2014 Servers to shut off 17 November

Got word from Konami that online support for Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 will be shut down on November 17. As I recall, that game’s online was not very good, so I don’t think you’re missing much. And do people really play 2 year old sports games? Unless it’s MVP for PC, I doubt it…

Tap Sports Football Released for iOS, Android

If you recall many moons ago, Glen and I mentioned (and even podcasted) about Your Turn Football, which was a fun football game for mobile devices.

The people behind Your Turn Football sold their company to Glu Mobile, and then worked on Tap Sports Baseball, a free-to-play baseball game for mobile devices which in 2015 alone earned $5,200,000 (!) according to the July earnings report (Glu also makes that Kim Kardashian game, and it earned $18,000,000, btw. )

Earlier today Tap Sports Football was released. I had a chance to play it and it’s like Your Turn Football 2.0 – better graphics, similar interface as Tap Sports Baseball, and Drew Brees.

There are no Nicki Minaj sightings in game yet (Glu Mobile just signed her for a mobile game), nor are there any deflated footballs that I’ve seen.

So if you need a quick game to play while, uh “in conference,” check this out.

ICYMI: Super Mega Baseball is coming to Xbox One

Super Mega Baseball: Extra Innings is coming to Xbox One on 14 August 2015! If you preorder now, you save 15% ($16.99 vs $19.99). It is also coming to PC on 21 August (via Steam).

The game is awesome and if you haven’t played it on PS4, you should absolutely get it.

I see it has “extra innings” added to it, but i Have no idea if they just named it different so it could be an exclusive or if it has anything extra vs the PS4. Metalhead (the developers) say that there will be free DLC and a patch for PS3/PS4, but I don’t know if that means it will be the same game or not.

Comfort zone

Last night I was checking my email and saw an email that showed the price that I was paying for monthly hosting and remembered that I had bought an Amazon instance (a pre-priced allocation of hours for a virtual server) a few months back but was intimidated by the instructions that I had seen about moving the server from the one we were on (where I was being charged more) to the instance that I was already paying for, and not using.

20 minutes later, I had completely moved the server off of the older, and slower, server and had the new server up and running.

Why do I mention this?  Well, lately I’ve begun to realize that I don’t often like to take as many risks as I probably should be doing at this point in my life.  What is ironical about this is the fact that packed up my entire family and moved them 1,000 miles from where I had spent my entire life, to a place where I only knew one person just one year ago.

Lately, I will see certain tasks that seem a bit complicated and seemingly wince and say “too hard, give up.”

It’s almost as if I feel like I’ve hit my quota for trying hard and think that I should just relax and coast instead.

The sad part is that when I did the server move last night, I felt like an uber-geek that had really accomplished something quite challenging, when in actuality all I had done was a copy of one drive to another.

Similarly, I’ve had some real struggles trying to meet people to spend time with here.  What is funny about that is that my wife is making all kinds of friends at her work, where she had struggled to do that in the past.  So, I’ll extend myself a bit to try and get to know some people and then find that the group that I’m around has nothing in common with me and slowly retreat back.

Eventually I’m sure that I’ll put everything back together and start to meet more people and take on more challenging projects just for the fun of it, but the comfort zone gets more comfortable each and every day that you stay in it. I just have to keep working on the little things to give myself the confidence to get myself out of the box that I’ve started to become way too comfortable in.

August Drubs

So, I recently turned 44. This is the last time I can check the (35 to 44) age box on most surveys. Next stop is (45+) or (Over 45) or (near death). And yet here I am talking about video games. What can I say.

So I picked up Rare Replay because if you’re going to regress, might as well go all out. I don’t understand why I buy a disc and then it has to download 4GB of data. The reason why I bought the disc was to not have to download the damn game.

Hey, you kids, get off of my lawn.


Quick Tuesday notes

– Hard to believe that I’ve been in Atlanta for almost a year.  Work has kept me so busy that I hadn’t really thought of how much time had gone by.  Crazy.

– Heading to San Francisco at the end of the month for a conference.  Wonder if there will be any water left when I get there?

– Nice to see that the PES 2016 demo is coming out next week.  I gave FIFA a shot on three separate occasions last year and could never come to enjoy playing it as much as I did PES.

I did see that they are opening up the editing features on the PS4 version so that people can import team logos and such this year, which is a welcome change as well.  There are a few people that spend a tremendous amount of time on the rosters, kits, and logos for the PS3 version, so hopefully that work can be translated to the PS4 version.

– Whew.  Feels good to be posting again.

I have a few other projects that I’ve been looking to start up along with the stuff on the site here (and actually tie into it.)  Just need to make the time to get started on them, because I have so much free time. heh.

Various Sports items

Anyone try the EASN beta of NHL 16 from within NHL 15 yet? That’s on my weekend todo list.

Today only Best Buy’s deal of the day is B1G1 50% off on 3DS games which seldom go on sale – games like Zelda and Mario Kart are included.

Have you upgraded to Windows 10 yet?

Windows 10

While I can’t say whether or not I’m actually in the Preview program, I can say that if you haven’t considered upgrading to Win10 this week when it releases, you should definitely change your mind.

Rocket League (Glen)

Let me follow up on what Dan has said.  If you have PS Plus and don’t have this game yet, you really need to download it.  It is a remarkable that it took this long for a soccer game to come out with cars instead of people, because it’s just so simple, yet incredibly fun to play.

Heck, I’m debating picking it up on Steam just to give the developer some extra money for the quality work that they have done.

Highly recommended for all.

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