Monday Notes

Hey, look at me posting and stuff.

– EA Access successfully saved me $48 on Star Wars: Battlefront.  After playing the beta and part of the 10 hour trial, it was clear that this game wasn’t designed for me.  If you want to play Battlefield in the Star Wars universe, you might enjoy it though.  I’m just clearly not that gamer at this point.

What I ended up doing was starting to play Tie Fighter again, because that’s just massively more entertaining to me.

– Football Manager 2016 released last Friday, but I didn’t pick it up this year.  There is a demo available if you’re interested though.

– I’m trying to be strong to avoid buying more new titles at this point as I just happened to look at the stack of PS4/Xbox One/Wii U games that are on my shelf and figure that I really should play through a few of those before looking to spend money on new games.  Seems logical, right?

Memo to others, don’t ever ask Dan if he thinks you should buy a game.  Odds are he’s already bought it and will want want to play it online with you.

– Lastly, adding 4 miles to a half marathon?  That would not make me a happy camper if I was running that race.

EA Access

EA Access is kinda neat in that they are letting you play all EA games early for 10 hours. Like Star Wars Battlefront. The graphics are stunning…but the controls..yikes. One of the first single player campaigns is going through canyons…or whatever they call them..however if you breathe on one of the canyon walls you die.

It was annoying so I went old school and played Rebel Assault 1 in all it’s 640×480 15 fps glory. And I had to use a mouse, not a controller. Ugh. But still at least I didn’t crash when I just touched the wall – you had to hit the wall multiple times..and I did that instead. LOL

Wonderful Monday

Hearing the Palace fans sing, “You must be sick of us” to the remaining Liverpool fans at the end of the match was an amazing part of my Sunday, but the best part was spending a good part of the afternoon with some Liverpool fans that I met yesterday when I went to the pub to watch the match in Atlanta.

The official Liverpool Atlanta group has hundreds of fans and the Crystal Palace fan group of Atlanta has approximately 3 (Myself and two others came out for the match yesterday.)   Even though I got flipped off a few times, each of the times it was followed with a smile and after the match we shared a few pints and talked about the future for both of our clubs and they let me know that I would be welcome to watch all of the other Palace matches at their pub (which is the official Liverpool bar of Atlanta.)

Coming into the match, I would have been happy with a draw going into the International Break, but those 3 points were terrific and showed (yet again) that Palace has the skill and talent to play with any of the clubs in the Premier League.

Again, I’m working to get back to posting more often and just need to make sure that I clear some time every day to get some words down.

Also, I will be efforting a new interview for the podcast (does anyone even remember our podcast?) in the next few days.  Hopefully I can make the scheduling work for that before the Thanksgiving break.

Enjoy the rest of your Monday!

OOTP 2016 – $9.99 until November 4th

If you haven’t had a chance to take a look at OOTP 2016, and shame on you if that’s the case, the game has dropped in price to $9.99 until November 4th.

Also, MLB Manager for iTunes and Google Play has been dropped in price to .99 until November 4th as well.  I haven’t had a chance to take a look at that yet, but with this price point, I don’t see how I can avoid taking a look now.

Lastly, the good people at OOTP have run 20 simulations of the World Series and have posted their results at the following link.



Just got back from a convention at Mohegan Sun. For those that think the casinos are the end all to states budget woes, um, no. The place was completely dead. I saw one $5 roulette table with more people than the table could handle. Why not open a second table? Ugh. No, it’s better to make it look like the place is empty except at this one table.

And don’t get me started on the cigarette smoke. Every sort of stereotype is there. The older woman with an oxygen tank at the slot machine smoking a cigarette. Not even looking at the slots, just pushing the spin button. Wow.

In sports news, NHL 16 is really worth a look. I’ve been working on customizing Pro Evolution Soccer on the PS4, which takes some time. I like the old PC days were you just download a zip file and extract it. Unfortunately that doesn’t work on the PS4 – and the PC version is not running the most modern engine, so I don’t enjoy it. FIFA isn’t bad though on the PC.

I continue to play my favorite game, Pinball Arcade. Steam always gets the releases first and with their DX11 version the game is by far the best on the PC. They just released Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein and it is awesome.

RBI Baseball 15 (XB1) is $6.60

If you want a baseball game for your Xbox One, this is it. I’m not saying it’s good, but it’s something. And it’s only $6.60 this week.

It’s also a 5GB download. Seriously, I think that all videogame developers don’t care about download size and just bloat it to death. This is an iphone game at best and it’s 5 bleepign gigs? Please.

No real excuses

I have a laundry list of things going on in my life, but there really isn’t a great excuse for not posting on here more often.  I’m going to try and rectify that as time goes on, mostly because I miss it.  I miss the opportunity to use my brain and write.  I miss talking with those of you that might actually still be following the site, and I miss getting a chance to razz Dan whenever I can.

Having said that, I have PES 2016 (Absolutely love it) and NHL 16 (which is pretty decent) both in house at this point and hope to write up something about them in the coming days.

The main game that I’ve been playing lately is Destiny: The Taken King though.  More often than not, I’m just playing solo and having a good time working through the various missions.  The story doesn’t really intrigue me all that  much, but I still have fun running around and shooting random robots and alien creatures.  I remember playing the first game for about 10 hours when it came out last year, but I’ve easily sunk that much time into the year 1 update and DLC and have been enjoying it a great deal more.

Beyond that, I’m enjoying watching Crystal Palace actually start the season at the upper end of the table and have been working on building an Atlanta Eagles supporters group, which is something I’ve never tried to attempt before.  Just trying something new to try and make a few more friends in the area.

Back again soon.

Thursday Thoughts

  1. Wow. NHL 16 is very impressive on Xbox One. It’s jaw dropping gorgeous and plays well in my limited time with it. I do reserve the right to change my opinion.
  2. PES 2016 for PC is complete garbage.  I got it on sale for $29 but it’s not worth it in it’s current form. I hope a patch fixes the ugliness of the game.
  3. PES 2016 for Xbox One on the other hand feels like a completely different game.
  4. Anyone get iOS 9 yet? I hate that every message in iMessage has a contact bubble with a persons initials unless you have a photo of them. How annoying. If you know how to get rid of it (downgrade to iOS 8 is not an answer I want), let me know!

Game thoughts

Have you tried the PES and FIFA 2016 demos yet?

FIFA 2016’s addition of the USWNT is just plain awesome. The ladies game does feel differently – it’s not just a modified sprite…I was impressed. However, the actual FIFA gameplay overall in the demo is almost ftustrating. Passing seems to be quite a chore.

I actually preferred the PES demo to the FIFA one, excluding the WNT addition. Guess we’ll see how the final version plays.

NHL 16 comes out this week. Can’t say I’m excited about it. 15 was such a let down, just not sure I’m going to even get it.

What do you think?

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