Propeller Arena Leaked

(Edit: After playing the game, I noticed there’s a skyscraper level that kinda reminds you of Manhattan. I guess it would make sense in 2001 about a delay, but not a cancellation. This game would have been awesome online!)

Let’s pretend it’s 2001 again. The Xbox was just released, the PS2 had been out for a year and Sega announced it was pulling the plug on the Dreamcast, but still was releasing games for it.

One of the most anticipated games was Propeller Arena, a game involving flying combat, and it also was going to have online play. Sega then cited 9/11 and said that they cancelled the game, because of course, flying an airplane would remind you of 9/11. Guess Crimson Skies should have been cancelled too, but whatever.

Anyway, as seems to be the case with Dreamcast games, someone goes oops and leaks the game online. (see Half Life Dreamcast for more leaking). Of course I can’t condone illegal downloads, but I’m sure you can find it if you look. Might be time to fire up the ol’ Dreamcast!

In other news, Sega did confirm today that they are going to co-publish the Matrix Online, which of course isn’t news if you read the blog. Boy, my spies are good!