MLB 2K11 Conference Call

I am on the conference call promoting mlb2k11.

They asked all my questions 🙂
No Kinect or Move support. Internal testing made it clear people didnt want to literally throw 100 pitches. People were gassed by the 4th inning.

Top three changes over last year: new fielding system, franchise progression, and DPRS ( dynamic player rating system). Also happy with player differentation.

Developers read forums and reviews for suggestions, specifically mentioning Owen Good (Kotaku)’s suggestion for dynamic cameras.

They will continue to support a PS2 game as long as public continues to buy.

They’ve made the game harder so that a perfect game wont be as easy and will reduce the minimum age to 13.

DPRS reflects last 4 weeks of real player activity;slumps In real life reflected in game as will hot streaks. Ratings will matter.

DPRS do not affect trades; more of a short term value than a long run. Franchise modes will reflect player values based on franchise stats, not real life.

Decided not to modify fielding ratings using DPRS. No correlation between bad fielding and hitting.

No option to play without DPRS. Simulation tuned with DPRS on.

My player mode, building off last years foundation…worked on progression rates. No changes to a catcher being able to call pitches, etc (not available)

Variable strike zone makes the game a challenge, pitch ratings affect ability to locate pitches.

You can tweak sliders and still earn achievements. More sliders than ever before.

Put all 30 home broadcast cameras in game. Looked at every TV home broadcast and made that camera available (this was Owens suggestion)

Made the animations for fielding based on player ratings..locked out the really good ones for subpar players.

Have to be closer to the ball landing zone for lower rated fielders.

All 1,200+ MLBPA players have been made over, including facial expressions.

2K 11 has a reverse curse for cover athletes…lol

No unlockables (yay). No DLC plans at this time.

Basestealing is most challenging part of game: many variables–speed of runner, type of pitch, lead, catchers arm. All variables are now on sliders(cool)!

Yearly releases make sense vs every two years release. Technology is still rapidly changing.

Competition is helpful, welcome and makes better games. They compete against all games, not just the Show.

One of the better conference calls I’ve been on!

  • “2K 11 has a reverse curse for cover athletes…lol”

    Guh? 2K just picks the reigning Cy Young/MVP Award.