Monday notes

– You should also note that Hot Shots Golf for the Vita is for sale for $9.99 at Best Buy this week.

The game is a great deal harder than it has been in years past though.  The difficulty ramps up in a big freakin’ hurry.  No doubt about that.

As far as MLB 12 is concerned, I’ve had 3 crashes in the game since I started messing around with my RttS careers.  Not sure if it’s just a corrupted install on my system or whatnot, but I wanted to make a note of it.

– My wife and I managed to survive the 8-2nd graders sleep-over at our house over the weekend.  There are two things that certainly came out of the event…

1. I will never be considered to be the “cool dad.”  Some of those kids were absolute pains in the butt and I was not going to let them get away with all kinds of stupid crap (breaking things, etc.) in my house.   I think I’m just getting old.  I’ll need to buy a shotgun and a rocking chair to have out on my porch soon.

2.  Another sleepover won’t be happening any time soon, especially when some of the kids need to go to church at 7:00 in the a.m.

My daughter ended up with a headache from all of the screaming and yelling throughout the night (no yelling by me,) and said she had a good time, but would only invite the more quiet kids in the future.

– As a result of the sleepover and the nap needed as a result of it, I slept through the entire Packers/Vikings game.  Can’t recall the last time I did that.  My wife and I woke up and she said, “When do the Packers play?”   “About 3 hours ago,” was my answer.  It’s pretty clear that the team doesn’t need me to win.

– On Saturday night, when my wife and I had a few spare moments, we turned on the TV and while it was surprising to see the Wisconsin football team winning 35-10 (when I turned it on,) all I wanted on TV was to watch some Wisconsin hockey, and there was none to be had that night.

The team has really been struggling, although they took 3 points this weekend at #5 Denver, but hockey is clearly still my first priority when it comes to sports.  I will never get over my love for the game.

– Lastly, if you want to get a feel for how much one of the former Madden developers liked working for EA, take a look here for a glimpse.

– Have a good week, all.