NBA Live 14 interview – Sean O’Brien

On Halloween, I had a chance to speak with Sean O’Brien, Executive Producer for EA Sports NBA Live 14.

We had a chance to discuss quite a few aspects of the return of the franchise and here’s a sample of what we covered.

– Sean’s background with EA Sports, starting with his time as one of the first mo-cap athletes for NBA Live

– Is there more pressure to rebuild the franchise after the years off?

– What possibility is there of a PC return of the game?

– How closely is ESPN integrated into the product?

– What sorts of updates can we expect for the title on a regular basis?

– The balance between detail and game play

– What does the Ignite engine offer that couldn’t have been done on the previous console generation?

– How the game is more data driven rather than being code based

– Are there other gameplay modes outside of 5-on-5?

Enjoy the interview!

  • Jor1

    I can only listen to the interviewer and not Sean. Plz fix it.

  • Ah, it was configured in stereo. It’s been changed to mono now.