Who has the Show for PS4?

Sunday Stuff

  • It’s Wrestlemania Sunday! It’s like the Super Bowl all over again, four hundred hour pregame shows, parties, etc. Enjoy!
  • MLB The Show comes out this week! Who’s excited!
  • B1G1 50% off at Target on Videogames this week. Might be a good day to get MLB The Show!
  • Forza Horizon 2 has a Fast & Furious pack that is FREE through April 10, otherwise it’s $9.99. It’s worth picking up!
  • RBI Baseball 15 also debuts this week. After last year’s game, which I didn’t think was that bad except for it’s $20 console price point, fingers are crossed that it will be better. This game will even be on Steam, so that may make it much more enticing for me.



What a crappy footy weekend for me. First the Revs draw 0-0 despite a man advantage and then Liverpool drops a game to ManU…with a stupid Gerrard red. He can’t go to the LA Galaxy soon enough. :)



Bracket contest

Not much time left but if you want into the Bracket contest, here is the info.

Password: sgamerblog

Battle Slots

one of my favorite RPG/Casino games is Battle Slots by PhantomEFX. Unfortunately the company hs had some transition troubles of late, so when I did a PC reinstall and tried to activate the game, I couldn’t. I was told the “activation server was down” which I believe is code for “we are all done.”

Thankfully it’s available over at Big Fish Games for less than $5, and no activation errors and I could carry my saved game over. Phew!

Hello again

So, I recognize that it’s been quite a while since I’ve written, and I really don’t have any great reasons for not posting lately, but I’ll try to catch you all up.

In late November, I went back to Wisconsin to finalize the closing of our home and pack up the family and move them all down to Georgia.  After that, we had all of the dealings with the moving and setting up in the new home and shortly after that we had the holidays, then work got incredibly hectic and before I knew it March was on the ol’ desk calendar (not that I have a desk calendar, but it sounded right.)

Whilst all this was going on, I have kept gaming, but I have found it hard to lock in on any specific game for an extended period of time (with the two exceptions being Hyrule Warriors for the Wii U, which was remarkably fun, and playing a Master League with Crystal Palace in Pro Evolution Soccer for the PS4.)   Outside of that, I have gone through quite a few spells where I wonder where my lifetime in gaming is taking me.

I read Dubious Quality and I admire Bill Harris’ passion for the games that he is playing, recommending, and enjoying, but at the same time I can’t even get interested in even the basic concepts of 90% of the games that he describes.  That’s not a slam on Bill by any means, I just can’t understand most of what the majority of gamer’s find appealing at this point.

I look at a game like Dark Souls or Demon’s Souls, or whatever sadistic game is being created next, and just shake my head at the thought of playing where the basic tenant is dying over and over and over again, until the way to play is beaten into you.

I hear about people peeing themselves about VR and all I can think of is all of the people that will buy it and have to try and return it to a Best Buy after sloppily cleaning off vomit stains from the collections of cords.

I see Hololens from Microsoft and laugh when people talk about the unbelievable potential because this is the company that brought Peter Molyneux’s promises of Project Milo and Minority Report, all while giving us “XBOX… CHANGE CHANNEL.  NO!  XBOX… CHANGE CHANNEL, DAMNIT!!!!”

I watch Minecraft sell for 2.5 BILLION dollars and can’t understand for the life of me why in the hell anyone would want to pay $20 to play it on their Xbox, Playstation or PC, let alone even comprehend why a massive company would pay $2.5 billion for the ownership of the property (Except for tax write off purposes, which did partially play into it.)

I hear about people called “Pew-Dee-Pie” or something who just play video games for a living (and not even be really good at it) and wonder why someone like that has a voice in the video game industry

Lastly, I read about a tournament for what is probably my all time favorite video game, Tecmo Super Bowl, and realize that the last thing in the world I would ever want to do is be in the room with 99% of the people that are there playing it.

I guess what I’m saying is that I’m becoming ever-more curmudgeonly and it’s made me a bit more jaded about some of the future of gaming.

Still, I love The Blog for the Sports Gamer.  I’ve been with this site longer than I’ve been with anything on this planet, outside of being married to my wife and to be honest, that’s less to do with me and more to do with her deciding to give up on finding someone better than me (because there are clearly are better fish in the market.)

So, I’m going to do my best to write as much as I can and rant as much as you will tolerate, but get used to things like this because these damn kids just won’t get off my lawn unless I get out there and wave my cane.

An Apology

Of all the things I never enjoy , get or understand, one of them has to be the NCAA Basketball Tournament. I mean as far as sports go, basketball just isn’t my thing. I’ve tried. I seriously enjoy curling more than basketball.

I’m not going to rag on the sport myself, people that enjoy it, more power to them, becuase there’s not much that can get you through the month of March sports wise. I mean hockey playoffs are still sometime away, soccer in the US in winter is not fun, and really it seems like the EPL is on leave for friendlies and stuff. Ugh.

So, guess I’ll play Pinball Arcade or Madden Mobile.
On that note, I wonder if Glen will do a bracket so that I can pick teams and be eliminated in round 1.

Oh wait, I forgot about Wrestlemania. Now that is sports entertainment.


Nice to see that FIFA 15 now includes Orlando City, even if the team sucks :)

I still prefer FIFA over PES but both have their moments.

In non sports related news, try that Screamride for Xbox One. That is a fun game.

Anyone else having trouble with the Xbox One 3.5mm to 2.5 mm connector? Mine has failed so I have to buy s new one or the entire damn headset adapter for $30! So annoying.

Still here

hi all, got a few emails asking if we were dead. We aren’t. Well at least I am not.

We’ve had a few database issues that result in me trying to post but not.

I think it may be all fixed now soooo…

Who’s getting an Apple Watch? I think I’m going to pass on a device that gets 4 hours of life when used. I mean the Vita gets better life.

MLB The Show is getting closer to release.

Too bad EA Sports FIFA 15 doesn’t have new MLS Teams!


Hey who won the Super Bowl? LOL. I don’t think I’ve been jumping up and down like that since the last time Glen rebooted the server and it worked!

The Club Nintendo massive gaming giveaway is now happening. Some pretty nice deals there – if you can log in.

Speaking of logging in, Madden Mobile sure his hard to login to these days.


Okay more later.


So, welcome to our blizzard. The scene outside is nasty — tough to see out there, lots of snow but we still have power. Yay!

In other news, nice to see that Nintendo’s Hyrule Warriors hit the million sales mark. It was for me an unexpected surprise and well worth checking out.

Don’t forget that Punch-Out for Wii U is marked down to $9.99 through tomorrow, so pick that up for sure.

Anyone want to talk about underinflated balls?

Deep Thoughts Friday!

Hello everyone. Happy friday. I promose this is a delated-ball free zone.

So, if anyone knows where I can get that Majora’s Mask 3DS  please let me know. Didn’t realize it would be so difficult. Even Best Buy has a shipping only rule on the standard device. Yes expedited shipping is free but where the release is a Friday, I want it that day, not the following Monday.

I think I mentioned this already but it bears repeating: it sucks that Club Nintendo is going away. And no more Digital Deluxe program either. You’d think Nintendo didn’t need loyalty programs or something.

As part of the Reading Rainbow kickstarter, I received my Pebble smartwatch a week ago. Why didn’t I buy this sooner. This thing is awesome. I just wish it had more memory so I could upload more apps!



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