Monday Funday

Happy Monday everyone.

Been a while since I posted – is anyone still reading?

When I have time to play games I’m either playing on my iPhone (gasp) or my PC. My big sports game is Tap Sports Baseball 2015 which is crack like addictive, or so I hear.

Looking forward to the new Bribe mode in FIFA 2016.

Got my Kickstarter Pebble Time. Taking a while to get used to vs the old Pebble. It is a much different interface. Still debating about the Apple watch…grr. just seems so expensive.

World Cup 2022, here we come!

Well, that escalated quickly.  Nice to see that Sepp will take responsibility for the fact that he runs a corrupt organization, 4 days after stating that he would never step down.

I guess it helps that when you have a document written to a FIFA executive implicating them in a $10 million bribe.

This isn’t going to bring back all of the people that have lost their lives in Qatar who have started building the stadiums there, but I have a feeling that the tournament there is in serious doubt.  Whether it be the U.S., England, or someone else who already has stadiums built, the 2022 World Cup should be moved and the decision for that should happen very quickly.

Super Mega Baseball (PS4) – $4.80 until 5/18

If you have a PS4 and don’t feel like dropping $60 on the newest version of the show, you can pick up Super Mega Baseball for $4.80 for the next few days on the Playstation store flash sale.

Dan and I both loved the game and it’s well worth this price (heck both of us paid full price for it.)

There are some issues with the website for the store right now, but keep checking back over the weekend (or buy it on your PS4.)

Obligatory Deflategate post

As I said a few days ago, the original report did not change anyone’s mind. If you believed the Patriots cheated, it you agree with the report. If you don’t believe he cheated, you could make swiss cheese due to the number of holes in the investigation.

The penalty today made absolutely no sense. The Patriots had nothing to do with this, but since they were found guilty of something 8 years ago, they lose two picks and $1 million? That makes sense.

Brady..well..I’m a little on the fence on that one. 4 games seems harsh given wife beating is 2 games, smoking pot is 4 and both of those are actually illegal; but there is a little bit of doubt that something happened; I just don’t know if it was a deliberate attempt to break the rules or not.

Either way, I don’t really care anymore. I’m cancelling my DirecTV Sunday Ticket because the sport is a laughing stock one way or another. There are plenty of other sports I can watch: EPL, MLS, MLB, Bundesliga, NHL…I doubt football will miss me. But EA just lost a game buyer.


Deflategate and baseball

Well that was definitive.

No matter which side you’re on, this report has something for you. The NFL will dole out punishment to Tom Brady but if this were a court case I doubt that this would meet any sort of level that would require a guilty verdict.

I really don’t know what to think, and I really don’t care. Did Tom want the balls deflated under the minimum requirement? Maybe.

I think I’m done with the NFL, there’s just too much weird stuff going on. I’d rather watch baseball, soccer and the NHL. They aren’t perfect either (hello poor refereeing) but I just feel like I have to take less of a shower.

The old haunt, Operation Sports, announced a release of mods for MVP Baseball 2005 PC. I never bought this game – my last PC version was 2003 – but I am kicking myself now. The work the PC community has done on this is amazing..I mean there aren’t many games that are over 10 years old that would still work today. (For example, my CD Rom of Old Time Baseball died with Win98…dammit).

Sunday Thoughts

Lots going on, and it seems like we may have finally gotten the site issues behind us.


1. Baltimore playing home games in Tampa. Ugh. I’m not getting into the rest of it, but what a surreal week for Orioles fans. Of course that is nothing compared to what people in Baltimore City are going through.

2. The fight. Yawn. People paid $100 for that? I would rather have paid $60 for Wrestlemania.

3. Did you get all your Club Nintendo freebies in before they shut it down? Phew that was close for me.

4. RBI Baseball still sucks on the PC as well.

5. MLB The Show is very good in my opinion.

6. Tap Sports Baseball ’15 is addictive.

7. Congrats to Chelsea, I guess.

8. NFL Draft. Whatever. Let’s see how they play in the fall. Funny how they are already in Madden Ultimate Team. I’m sure you can cut them just as easy in real life; don’t you think they should have some sort of off the field randomizer so you can’t use the player card for a few games? You know, beat up your wife, get 2 games, smoke pot, get 8 games, etc.



Thursday Thoughts

I continue to have trouble posting to the site, grr!

I am enjoying MLB 15 the Show but I am not enjoying the Orioles season so far!

My logitech G710+ keyboard’s tab key broke, basically rendering it useless. I beat up my keyboards apparently and can never seem to get a lot of life out of them.

Between that not working and Mortal Kombat X crashing to the desktop I had to make a decision – and that decision will be get a new graphics card, keyboard and mouse! Even though my computer is now 4 years old it is still an awesome desktop PC. I bought it from Digital Storm online and bought the best I could 4 years ago — and it’s just as good as PC’s today ..yes I’ve upgraded the graphics card 2 times..but now it’s time to move from a 750TI to a 960..woohoo.

The 960 seems to work well with Mortal Kombat X (yay!) and I do keep trying to play games on PC vs consoles because they last longer.

I am sure there’s a keyboard warranty, but do I want to spend weeks/months getting it fixed or instead try that Razer Chroma keyboard that individually lights every key? Yes, I will try the Razer!


As most of my friends would attest, I’m not usually a man of few words.  What I can say for certain is that Marvel’s Daredevil, which was launched on Netflix last Friday, is well worth watching and would have to be some of the best work that Marvel has done so far with a comic book story.

As a person who has not read a great deal of the background for any of the characters in that particular segment of the Marvel universe, I found the back story from each of the characters and villains to be quite compelling and they kept  me coming back for yet another episode no matter how late each evening became when I started watching.

Be warned that there is a good deal more violence in this show than any of the other efforts that Marvel has put forth to this point, but the world that they have created for this character could not, nor should it not be, sterilized for regular television and I am glad that they did not.

At the very least, give the first few episodes a chance.  I do not believe that you will regret it.

Tap Sports Baseball 15 Released for iOS

Loyal blog reader Mike Saperstein let us know that his game, Tap Sports Baseball, has been released for the ’15 season. Lots of new stuff in it that warrant a whole new game rather than an update (it is a bit of a bummer that you have to start over but previous players do get some rewards).


Improvements include:

– Visual Improvements
   o Improved Outer Shell
   o Improved Field and stadium elements
   o Improved Player Graphics
   o Improved Icons

– Mode Improvements
   o Improved Leagues and Tournaments
   o Competitive Events
   o Revised Game Progression (including 11 total divisions)
   o Improved “Fan Rewards” Events
   o Additional Achievements

– Gameplay Improvements
   o Easier game difficulty, particularly for beginning players
   o Franchise Players (a late addition to last year’s game)
   o Prime Players (special players rated for when they were in their prime)
   o General tuning of gameplay and difficulty
   o Additional Baseball elements

– Miscellaneous Improvements
   o Improved sounds and music
   o Improved rewards (Tournaments, Leagues, Events)



So check it out!

Wednesday Thoughts

For those wanting to spend $19 on RBI 15, don’t. I don’t know why I did it. I thought it would be better. It isn’t.

MLB the Show on the other hand for PS4 is awesome. So there you go.

Why can’t you manage PS4 cloud saves on the PC? It is a pain in the butt to have to scroll through 300 saves on your console.

Sunday Stuff

  • It’s Wrestlemania Sunday! It’s like the Super Bowl all over again, four hundred hour pregame shows, parties, etc. Enjoy!
  • MLB The Show comes out this week! Who’s excited!
  • B1G1 50% off at Target on Videogames this week. Might be a good day to get MLB The Show!
  • Forza Horizon 2 has a Fast & Furious pack that is FREE through April 10, otherwise it’s $9.99. It’s worth picking up!
  • RBI Baseball 15 also debuts this week. After last year’s game, which I didn’t think was that bad except for it’s $20 console price point, fingers are crossed that it will be better. This game will even be on Steam, so that may make it much more enticing for me.


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