My grandfather, William J. Haag, passed away at the age of 91 on Tuesday, October 21st.

Bill, as he was known to almost everyone, was a wonderful man and the world is a better place for having had him in it.  I will always remember him as a kind man and a person who was always happy to sit with me (no matter what age I was) and talk about the Brewers.

Over the last few years, I did not spend as much time with him as I would have liked to or should have.  I don’t believe that I am alone in the fact that I have a hard time dealing with age and have a hard time seeing people as they become less and less healthy.  It is selfish of me, but I like to remember people at their best, so it becomes harder for me to spend time with people as they become less healthy in the later years of their lives.  I am sorry that I didn’t see him more in the past few years and months, of that I am certain, but it is something that I have to live with.

Bill was the only grandfather that I knew during my life, as my mother’s father passed away when I was less than a year old and I never got a chance to really know him, so as I was growing up, everything that I knew about what a grandfather should be was because of him, and it’s safe to say that I believe he was teaching me all of the right things about what kind of man to be once you have grandchildren of your own.

Being one of 36 grandchildren is a situation where you would think that you could be easily forgotten, but that was never the case with my grandfather.  Whenever I would see him and my grandmother, they knew what was going on with my family and loved spending time with us.

I never really know what to do when people pass away except to try and celebrate their lives and do something in honor of them.  So, I have decided that one of the things that I will do for (and with) my grandfather is to run 1 mile, over the next 30 days, for every year of his life.  I never ran with my grandfather, in fact I can’t recall ever even played a single sport with him, but now that he is gone, I want to take some time and think of him as much as I can and envision that he is running with me.

Today, I started by running 9+ miles (1 for every decade of his life,) and will keep running for (and with) grandpa for until I run 91 miles for him.  I am certain that grandpa would want me to keep doing the things that make me happy and right now, being out running and thinking of him, definitely does that.

I love you grandpa, and I’ll never forget you.


Friday TV notes

- There have been a few reasons for not being able to post much lately, but I’m holding back on detailing all of them for a few reasons.  I am still alive and kicking though, so there is that.

Today, I’ll focus on the massive amounts of TV watching being done at my new house as I’ve torn through season 1 of The Blacklist, season 1 of True Detective, and wactching the new season of The Flash, Arrow, and Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.  (Spoiler free)

The Blacklist took a bit of time to get going, but Spader becomes pretty damn evil about midway though the season and it’s great stuff when he does.  (Season 1 is on Netflix for your binge watching pleasure.)

True Detective was incredible through the first 6 episodes and while the last two became a bit formulaic (in my opinion) and weren’t nearly as good, they were still enough to make for a great season, and the show is well worth tracking down on HBOGO, if you have it (or possibly available via their streaming service in 2015 when that comes online.)

The Flash’s premier episode was pretty damn fun and had a quality setup for the season, but the second episode left a lot to be desired and made Barry come across as a pretty big whiner and wimp.  Hoping for better as the season goes on.

Arrow has started off with a bang with a major character lineup change in the first episode, but I can only hope that this season will have as many geeky easter eggs as they had in last season (who didn’t love the Harley Quinn appearance?)

Lastly, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. has been pretty solid picking up from where they left off (post-Hydra) from last year.  I’m still not that bothered by the big-bad that they’ve cooked up for this year, but who knows, maybe he’ll surprise me as the season moves along.

– Your thoughts?  Shows that you’re watching or want to recommend?

Oh well..

As an Orioles fan, you kinda sorta got the feeling you were at a US-Mexico game at Foxboro in 1997 with 67,000 Mexican fans and 2,500 US fans. Everyone was pulling for the Royals, and with good reason. They have shown that “good guys” in this game can win.

How can you not like that group of guys? Very classy, well respected and made all the plays. It doesn’t mean having your team lose 4-0 won’t suck any less, but it sure beats losing a game to a kid who stole a ball for a home run and Yankees.

It’s too bad they couldn’t get to Game 5, because Chris Davis has to sit out opening day also.

Oh well, it was a great series, very tight games and really could have gone either way. I hope for the best for KC as either NL team can die as far as I’m concerned ;).



Toys R Us has two sports games (limited selection) for $70 — that’s $35 each and the usual suspects are there NHL, FIFA, Madden and UFC. That’s all of them. It does NOT apply to NBA2K however.

Also has anyone tried The Golf Club yet on PC? I kinda like it. I love how you can create courses on your own. Not that I’ve tried it yet but it’s nice that it is there.

Saturday Thoughts

Recently when I’ve tried to update a post we’ve been having server issues. I probably didn’t say anything exciting anyway. LOL.

So, let’s cover some things, shall we:

  • Orioles vs Royals. I never expected this. I feel like everyone is for the Royals except me. Last nights game 1 was an instant classic. I do have much respect for KC and whoever wins it’s a great story.
  • I ran out of PS4 space, so I went with a 2TB drive and now get to reinstall everything. Here’s a fun fact, if you play a game AFTER you install, it uploads/overwrites your existing cloud save — so save your game to usb before taking out the old drive. #annoying.
  • I already have an XBOne external drive, so things are fine there.
  • I went with FIFA for PC, and I’m liking that. I did try the PES demo but I am just not a fan. Maybe I’ll give it another go, but I so enjoy the EPL format that FIFA has.
  • If you like pinball games, you really have to play Pinball Arcade. I have it on every platform pretty much. It’s that good.
  • Super Smash Brothers for 3DS is like crack.


Enjoy the weekend!

Tuesday notes

- Long time, no see.

– A week and a half ago, I closed on our new home in the Atlanta suburbs and have been doing a bit of work on it since then.  Nothing really major needed to be repaired, but it’s been little things like replacing a shower head, fixing a light switch that had a lose connection, removing bidets that were installed on every toilet (seriously, bidets) and getting the place cleaned.  The people really didn’t treat the place with any sort of respect for a property that they owned.  It was as if they thought it was a rental and just used it up until they sold it.

Once we’re done with it, it will look great though, so that’s a good thing.

– The Brewers season went out with a massive whimper as they completely stopped hitting down the stretch.  The pitching held up their end, but they were constantly getting beat 3-2 or 2-1.  Personally, I blame myself for moving away.   At least now I don’t have to feel bad about missing any potential playoff games.

– Excited that the NHL season starts up next week and I will be signing up for NHL Gamecenter again to make sure that I can catch all of the Islanders games.  It’s a bummer that there isn’t an NHL franchise down here in Atlanta any more, but from what I’ve heard from people here, no one ever really cared about the team.

Still, I have options to get to visiting Islanders games if I want to make a drive to get to Carolina, Florida, or Tampa Bay.  (Not that any of those are short drives.)

– Lastly, it is incredible to look at the Premier League table at ANY time of the year and see Crystal Palace ahead of Liverpool.  Dan can give me grief for mentioning it, but it has been great to watch the Eagles play as well as they have over the last few weeks.  From what I have found, the last time that the team was this high in the table was at the end of the season in 1992.  So, there is a bit of a cause for enthusiasm there.

– I’ll be back with a few posts in the next day or so talking about FIFA 15, the PES 15 demo, Destiny, and Edge of Tomorrow.

Everyday is Like Sunday

Some times I do wish that winter would get here as it gives me excuses to play video games all weekend. Instead I Have yard work to do and 3 million other things to catch up on before Monday comes around.

I did get a few games of FIFA PC in. I have also purchased the Xbox One version but I have not played it yet. I like playing on a PC, what can I say….really having a good time so far in Ultimate Team but that’s probably because I preordered and have Messi for 5 games on loan. Man, he’s good.

Speaking of good, how about those Orioles? Playoffs. So cool. 2 out of three years. I remember when we’d settle for one game. Now O’s fans want more. Good times.

Ugh. Everton. Liverpool should have won. Grr.

You know soccer has arrived when Glen is giving you crap about his team on the EPL table. Of course, Glen seems to forget this is September and Palace, uh drew with Burnley. But hey, I mean enjoy being up one measly point after six games all you can.

Forza this week. I have to get that PES demo. I forgot all about it. I mean to be fair “Merseyside Red” is such a lame team name….

NHL 15 thoughts

I’ve only been able to play a few games but here are my very early thoughts about NHL 15.

– After 3 games, I had already seen a repeat video introduction (by Doc Emmerick and Eddie Olczyk) at the beginning of the game.  That doesn’t bode very well for how quickly you’re going to want to skip through that particular pregame feature.

The NHL on NBC presentation throughout the game is very well done and does look quite a bit like an actual game broadcast, so that is definitely an enhancement to the game.

– Visually, the new physics engine is quite impressive and does a great job with the replication of how players bodies react to hits.  There are still some times where players move in a robotic fashion that doesn’t look right and when those moments happen, it is quite jarring.  There are times when you see a CPU player try a tricky stick move to slide a puck past a defender that are incredibly cool though.  It’s in each of those moments that you feel like the game is really moving towards something special in the future, sadly there are a lot of other issues that make you think that we could be waiting a while to get to a point when the game is really feature complete.

– Crowd audio doesn’t really seem in sync with how the game action is taking place.  In one of my games I put a tremendous hip check into a player and was there wasn’t a bit of crowd noise for the hit.  Other times, a period would end and the crowd wouldn’t make a noise for a few seconds then, all of a sudden, they would react like the team scored.  So, there are definitely some audio issues there.

– My early experiences with the game play have been terrific.  In my first game (the matchup that you have to play between Los Angeles and New York once you launch the game) I fell behind quickly due to some bad defensive lapses, but was able was able to put a few goals together quickly to be able to make a game of it.

The pro level, that the game defaults to, does seem to allow for a good deal more scoring than in years past, so if you want some more arcade style scoring, that might be the way to go.

This may be due to the fact that goalies don’t seem to be superhuman at that level and are susceptible to getting beat by shots high to the stick or glove side.  I’ll play more at some of the higher difficulty settings later to see if that adjustment brings scoring to a more accurate level, but the pro level does allow for some fun, high scoring matchups.

– The Be a Pro feature needs some serious patching.  By default your player moves directly into the starting lineup for your team (regardless of rating,) which just seems wrong for a mode such as that one where you are trying to build yourself to be a superstar.

There are other minor issues, such as the fact that if you pick a jersey number it will change it to the next highest number when you are drafted by a team, rather than letting you select a different one.  (Like I said, it is a minor issue, but damnit I want to wear number #38.)

The biggest issue with the mode is the fact that you have to sit and watch the entire game when you are not on the ice.  People might say that it’s more realistic this way, but the mode didn’t play this way in the past.  When you were off the ice, in previous versions, it would let you press a button to skip to your next shift.  By doing that the games took a great deal less time.  This way, the games take a good deal longer than if you a playing as the entire team as the game doesn’t accept any of your button presses while you are on the bench, so you have to just sit there and watch players grabbing each other after every whistle.

– Lastly, there seems to be a great deal more focus on fighting in the game.  After almost every single frozen puck there is some sort of scuffle between players where a fight can begin.  I’m glad that fighting still exists in the game, but there are so very few instances where fights occur 5 or 6 times in a real NHL game, and I have seen at least that times where a fight could begin in each of my games thus far (including in the Stanley Cup matchup, which is just wrong.)

– With the state that the game is in right now, it’s hard to recommend a purchase of the title.  I’m glad that I took a chance on the game as a rental, because there are parts of the game play that are quite good, but the lack of feature parity with previous generation versions of the game, along with some of the poorly implemented new features really suggest that people wait until next year to try the game again.

NHL 15 PS4

I picked up NHL 15 for the PS4 today. My HD was full so I had to go in and delete crap. Wow this next gen console gaming is AWESOME.

Anyway, after the four hour install (I kid), I got to play. First off the NBCSN integration is broadcast like. It is superb.

Gameplay…not bad. I did lose 5-3 (LA Kings vs NYR)…so obviously that’s not accurate. But I hadn’t played on PRO level for a long time and it’s almost like I’m relearning the game. I did have one awesome goal that I forgot to record, but it was awesome. Fights are..fights.

There’s been a lot of talk about what’s NOT in the game. I do understand the concerns. However, I am also pretty much a season, Ultimate Team guy so, I’m not as bothered as many others are. I really wish EA would give an “auto select” on Ultimate Team in NHL as they do on Madden. If that option is somewhere, please guide me.

I hate to go IGN on you, but if you like hockey….you’ll like this. Well at least based on my focus group of 45 minutes of playing it.





EA released a FIFA 15 demo for Xbox One, PS4, and PC.  (Edit: PS4 version is now available.)

Anyway, I picked up the PC version as that was the one I was most curious about. Thankfully the demo is Liverpool vs Man City and OMG!

  • It is broadcast quality
  • The graphics, the score, it’s all Barclay’s fonts! Awesome!
  • Anfield looks like Anfield and it’s team specific – the ad boards are all about LFC.TV for example. They sing YNWA! Holy crap!
  • Gameplay is pretty good.
  • It does not dump a turd on my limited hard drive. My PC has 4TB and supports a ton of graphics options. Suck it Xbox One!


So anyway, if only Best Buy gave it a 20% discount for digital downloads…otherwise I have to buy during an EA Origin sale, which will probably happen within 30 days after release.


Sunday notes

- So, I’ve entered year number two of avoiding college and professional football.  After this long, I have to say that it becomes easier and easier each day to skip football.  The people at work seem absolutely flabbergasted that I don’t watch it, but that’s probably because it’s such a huge part of the culture down here in the south.  Some of them seem to be taking it as a personal mission to get me back into the sport and no matter how strongly I tell them that I won’t be following the game, they just won’t listen.  Eventually they’ll have to give up on me though, right?

– If I wanted to be a very superstitious person, I could think that I’m to blame for the Brewers losing 11 of 12 games and completely falling out of the playoff pictures, because of my move to Atlanta.   But even as awesome as I am, I can’t make an entire team stop hitting and make an entire pitching staff fall apart like they have.  At least I’ve been able to keep watching the games via MLB.TV though.  Even though they are losing games, it’s still nice to see Miller Park and Wisconsin.

Even with the division title completely out of contention now, at least I can pull for them to try and crawl back into the Wild Card picture.  That’s what a good fan does, I guess.

– International competition week this early into the Premier League season really stinks.  I know that they are part of the larger world of soccer, but man, it would have been nice to have been able to see some soccer anywhere on TV this weekend.

– Seeing as how we are nearly 11 months from the launch of the Xbox One and Playstation 4, it is astounding to see how badly EA Sports has handled the launch of NHL 15, the first hockey game available for the new generation of consoles.

Polygon has taken a look into the features that have been removed from the previous generation of games and it is nothing short of shocking.  How they can try to justify the removal of all of those game play modes and settings and still try to convince users that it is a worthy purchase is beyond me.

– If anyone is picking up Destiny for the PS4 and hasn’t already added me to their friends list, go ahead and do so.  My PSN user name is Psunami.  I’ll be picking up the game at midnight tomorrow, because I don’t have much else to do, do I?

– Have a great week everyone.

Sunday Thoughts

Hey remember that time Glen ragged on me non stop for my love of soccer?

In other news, can someone tell me what the #LOB means on the front start screen on Madden?

I purchased the PS4 version of the game and rented the Xbox One version just to see if I could find a “better” version. The answer is no. Both take forever to load, and look the same in my opinion.

You cannot carry over your Ultimate Team from PS4 to Xbox One, which kinda sucks.

I can’t believe how bad it sounds like NHL 15 will be this week. Thankfully with Destiny coming out, no one will care anyway.

Debating on getting the PC version of FIFA 15 instead since I prefer PC gaming. Only issue is that Best Buy only is selling the digital version of the PC game and that doesn’t give you the 20% gamer discount…so maybe I’ll just go with the console version.
Also debating Diablo for Xbox One, even though I have the PC version. Any difference, or am I just buying the same thing?

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